Roof Repair

  Rapid Roof Repair to Keep the Ice and Snow Out

Were there shingles on the front yard of your rental property after the last blizzard? Don't wait to protect your investments with quick roof repair by Protec Property Maintenance. We can secure a tarp, replace a section of shingles, and identify the need for major repairs when the weather clears. The interior of the home stays dry and your tenants remain happy. We work with multiple property owners in the Okanagan Valley and understand that you can't always wait for the major roofing companies to fit you in their crowded schedule. Our repair will be fast and effective and save you thousands in potential property damage.

Minor Fixes to See Your Property Through the Storm Season

Anybody who lives in our region knows that exterior maintenance and repairs to your buildings happen during the short summer months. However, when you are faced with a damaged roof, siding, window, or doors, there is no waiting for the snow to melt. We are available to tackle the small jobs in and around your property. Click or call for a quote and availability today.