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Interior Painting

Expert Interior Painting Services in the Okanagan Valley

Unlock the potential of your space with Protec Property Maintenance's comprehensive interior painting services. Whether you're turning over properties or seeking a fresh look, I specialize in all interior painting needs for landlords and homeowners in the Okanagan.

Swift Turnovers for Rental Properties

Longtime tenants moving out? Protec Property Maintenance is your partner in ensuring a quick turnaround. After tenants vacate, I provide a full interior refresh, presenting a welcoming and well-maintained space for potential renters. My expert paint jobs erase the remnants of water or smoke damage, restoring living areas with precision.

Seamless Drywall Repairs for a Ready-to-Rent Home

Even the best tenants may leave minor imperfections. Protec Property Maintenance excels in drywall repairs, from patching holes to replacing entire damaged walls. With over 25 years in construction, trust me for seamless repairs—sanding and painting to match the room's existing aesthetic. Beyond drywall, I tackle tile repairs, floor damage, and interior issues.

Local, Reliable, and Fast Turnaround

Tenants value a swift response to maintenance issues, and Protec Property Maintenance ensures just that. As a local service provider in the Okanagan, I address property maintenance promptly, preventing lingering damage. My prompt service, reasonable quotes, and proactive communication keep your buildings in top condition. I also guide you on when to consider more extensive renovations to maintain property value.


Give Protec Property Maintenance a call today to experience the difference my expert interior painting services can make in enhancing your living or rental spaces. Trust me for personalized, reliable, and efficient solutions tailored to the unique needs of your Okanagan property.

Bill Headshot


"I have the experience to tackle absolutely any interior or exterior painting job you need."

Bill Heslop

Certified Red Seal Painter from BCIT

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