Gutter Cleaning

  Seasonal Gutter Cleaning Protects Your Property

Like the changing of the seasons, cleaning out the gutters on your rental properties is a chore that you cannot escape. Check it off your list by calling Protec Property Maintenance. Clogged gutters can cause water penetration under the eaves and into the walls. Save your sanity and your buildings with reliable gutter cleaning services. When you have us emptying out all the leaves, it is a great chance to inspect the roof and chimneys for any further needed maintenance.

Drainage Repair Delivers a Dry Basement

Your tenants will not appreciate a seeping basement when it is their only source of storage space. We can correct the grading surrounding the place of water incursion and clean out an aging french drain with our drainage repair services. Ask us about correcting puddling that backs up into the garage or causes ice sheets on the front walk. Proper drainage prevents injuries and damage to your tenants and visitors to the property.

Minor Landscaping and Gutter Repair

We can tackle property maintenance and repairs inside and out from painting to trimming back an overgrown shrub. Keep your tenants longer with an attractive home that functions as intended. Ask us about our other services including plumbing, painting, drywall repair, and carpentry. When you have the professionals on your side, the stress of property ownership disappears.

At Protec Property Maintenance we work hard to keep your costs under control by providing prompt and professional service without blowing the budget. From quick fixes to common problems, we have the experience to make it go away.